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iPhone 4: Steve Jobs explains the problems related to the antennas …

enero 20, 2020

As we told you this Thursday, there was a rumor that – and supported by video – the new iPhone would have cellular reception concerns if it were held in a certain way. It was clear that in this demonstration video, a simple "Pose" fingers on a certain area made the new machine lose the network? Panic? This is how Apple?s C.E.O, Steve Jobs, was questioned by email about this. Here's the whole conversation …

Hi Steve, I just got my new iPhone, it looks great, but this rumor of cell loss seems serious.

If I hold my iPhone in this way, the reception indicative bars decrease to arrive ?network search? then finally ?No service?.

Is this normal or is it a defect in design?


Sinclair Rory

His answer:

No. Just don't hold it that way.

And Rory to continue:

I sent an SMS to someone and the way I held my iPhone (left thumb on the left side above the device) made the network lose. As soon as I moved my thumb, the network came back.

It is for this reason that you made available the bumpers (protective case, note).


His answer:

No. Just don't hold it that way.

And Rory to persevre:

Well, that?s what I?ll do but admit there should be a workaround? Can I explain that there are normally no restrictions on the different ways of holding a phone in your hand?

No matter how hard I think, I find it ultimately incredible. To me, this is a design flaw.


His last answer:

Of course, there are sensitive areas on each phone depending on the location of the antenna. Some phones come with warning labels advising customers not to cover certain areas of the phone with their hands.

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