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IPhone 4 pre-orders: 10x more requests than iPhone 3GS

enero 20, 2020

iPhone 4

The launch of the pre-order period for the new iPhone, accessible in certain countries, would be a real success if we are to believe the first returns. The demand is said to be very strong – much stronger – than when the iPhone 3GS pre-ordered last year.

Which could in particular explain the problems of connections caused on the sites ?Apple Stores Online?, ?AT&T Stores? and also from the German operator Deutsche Telekom. The latter was also confronted with serious computer problems undoubtedly linked to the countless reservation requests. ten times larger than last year according to a spokesperson for the German operator.

Knowing that Apple sold a million iPhone 3GS when it was launched last year (over a weekend). It is quite possible to imagine that this number will be doubled this year when the iPhone 4 is launched.

Apple's partner factories producing quantities of the order three million iPhone 4s per month According to a production which would have started in early May, we can conclude that the Cupertino company would have provided a stock of 4 5 million iPhone 4 available when launched. This could explain this month of shifting distributions with other countries in order to be able to serve as many people as possible.

For your part, have you already pre-ordered your new iPhone by indirect means (if you are a Belgian resident) or are you waiting for its official availability in Belgium?

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