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iPhone 3GS: install the GM 4.0 BiP firmware in three clicks!

Belgium-iPhone is pleased to be able to present you, in preview, the versionGold Master of liOS 4.0, adapts and customizes as it should.

The method is very simple and can be summed up in three steps?


1. An iPhone 3GS whose activation and unlocking is carried out originally via iTunes (Belgian model).

1.1. With either a current firmware 3.x which the jailbreak was carried out (if you used Spirit as a solution, it is imperative to go through step 1.2).

1.2. Either a current firmware 3.x whose jailbreak has never been carried out. In this case, use the DFU tab of the PwnageTool 3.1 tool available HERE

2. Installation of the version beta iTunes 9.2, available only on Mac OS at this time.

First step

Connect your iPhone with its USB socket on your Mac.

Second tap

Download it firmware customis 4.0 in Belgium-iPhone colors for iPhone 3G (s)

Third tap

3.1. Finally start iTunes version 9.2?

3.2. From there, launch the restoration! To do this, press the ALT key, while clickingSIMULTANEOUSLY on the ?RESTORE? button; finally choose the FW 4.0 customis above, previously downloaded, from where you saved it to your hard drive!

3.3. Do not touch anything anymore and let the technique do it? After several long minutes, your device will restart automatically and give you access to a brand new ?springboard?!

Find the whole procedure, as well as related questions, on our forum?