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How to speed up Samsung Galaxy S9

enero 20, 2020
How to speed up Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the most famous Android smartphone of the year and its direct competitors, such as the Google Pixel 3, have yet to be launched. While phones tend to slow down for months of use, many Galaxy S9 and S9 + users complain about the slowness of their devices. You need to know how to speed up Samsung Galaxy S9 and there are so many levels ranging from a simple adjustment to the hardcore method of adjusting phone performance in developer mode.

We will explore all of these options and you may be able to do all of them. If you're just tweaking and your phone is already responsive, you can stop there and take advantage of the extra speed.

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Here's how to speed up Samsung Galaxy S9

Method 1: the simplest solution is to close all your applications and restart your phone

Smartphones are extremely powerful these days and the Galaxy S9 is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor. Like any other device, it could be overloaded if you do not keep a check on the number of open applications. Although all the apps are individual from each other, it's no surprise that an incompatible app or a stuck app can affect the performance of everything else on your phone.

Consider closing all apps at once and restarting your phone once to see if it improves overall responsiveness.

  1. Press and hold the recent apps button
  2. The key is in the lower left corner of the device
  3. Browse the list of applications already open on your phone to find out what you use daily
  4. Slide apps to the right to close them completely
  5. You can also press the X button to close them to lighten the load on your processor and RAM.
  6. Close everything if a feature that allows you to close them all at once

It is always important to clean up your phone?s equipment and keep apps from running on them all the time. After closing it, restart your Galaxy S9 phone. Hold the power and volume buttons simultaneously for at least 10 or 20 seconds to perform a soft reset. Release these buttons as soon as the phone turns on.

Method 2: boot your Galaxy S9 in safe mode and browse the applications

Before you panic and pretend that you are not a developer to do such things, you need to understand that this is not something unusual for the average user. The device will work as usual and it is quite similar to the number of Windows users starting in safe mode to solve a problem. The Galaxy S9 Plus is a great phone in terms of hardware, but with dozens of apps running simultaneously and many regular updates, it can be difficult to report the problem.

Booting your phone in safe mode will allow you to identify the source of the problem or find the applications causing the problem. Once you identify this, you can optionally uninstall it; Wait for an update or test it on other phones to check if the issue is with your own device.

  1. turn off your phone while holding down the power button
  2. Press and hold the power button to turn on your device
  3. Continue to hold it until the Samsung logo appears and release the button
  4. Hold the volume button as soon as you release the power button to force your phone into safe mode
  5. It may take a few seconds before your phone completes the restart process and will display a safe mode badge in the left corner
  6. Release the volume button now

Browse your phone and verify that it works with all disabled third-party applications. If your Galaxy S9 phone is extremely fast and responsive the way you want, it's easy to tell that the problem is in one of the new apps you've installed. This could be a game, a random application or a new update for an existing application. You must now identify and delete it in order to restore your device to its initial speed.

Method 3: Get hardcore and make some changes in developer mode

The most efficient way to speed up the Samsung Galaxy S9 is to turn on the phone in developer mode. Not all users are inclined to follow the procedure and modify some parameters to achieve this, but if you are the hardcore type and like to get the most out of it, go ahead.

  1. Open the Settings app and access the About section on your device's phone.
  2. Continue scrolling until you find the Software Information option
  3. Tap to open it and find the option called Build Number
  4. Now start typing on the text that says Build Number slowly for 7 times
  5. Here is! Your phone will now enter developer mode

Now it's time to exit the page and head to the home page of the Settings section. Continue scrolling until you find the developer options and press to open it.

Galaxy S9 Developer Mode

  1. You will find three different animation options, namely window animation scale, transition animation scale and animator duration scale.
  2. Although it is not advisable to turn it off, you can reduce the animation speed to make your phone faster
  3. Change it from any number, a lower number such as 1x, 0.5x
  4. Repeat the same procedure for all three scales and reduce them, which frees up space on your processor.
  5. Restart your Galaxy S9 smartphone and you will discover a more responsive and faster phone

Window animation scale Galaxy S9

Method 4: Delete certain applications and free your internal memory

A common problem that most users may not notice is that internal memory on any device, be it a smartphone, laptop or PC, is essential for it to function properly. When you buy a new phone and start installing apps, it fills up slowly and in a few months the device will slow down if unnecessary apps and games are not removed regularly.

  1. Go to the Settings page
  2. Open Device Management, then tap to open storage
  3. Display the available space and list the applications according to the size they occupy
  4. Applications installed or moved on the SD card will still take up a little space in your internal memory
  5. Consider deleting all unwanted and never-used apps

Pro tip: The new Google files are a great application for Android users. It automatically suggests that you delete the same, too large files and applications that you have never used in the past two months.

  1. Besides deleting applications and games, you can also free up space by deleting the history of old calls, too many messages stored in SMS.
  2. Clearing the cache is another way to speed up your Galaxy S9 smartphone

Method 5: Erase everything that is stored in your cache partition

  1. turn off your phone
  2. Now hold the volume up button, then the home button and the power button for a few seconds
  3. Your phone starts up and when the Android logo appears, release the buttons
  4. The phone will soon display the Android system recovery menu
  5. Scroll to the Wipe Cache Partition option using the Volume Down key
  6. Use the power button to confirm your selection

Galaxy S9 Cache Partition

The recovery screen will ask you again to confirm your choice. Press the power button again to confirm and let it clean the cache partition. Restart your Android phone by pressing the power button and wait for it to start up in normal mode.

Method 6: When nothing works, the reset must be performed

If you have not yet known this factor, a factory reset will erase your phone and return it the same day you opened it. You will lose all data, including local text messages, pictures, saved files and call history. Make sure to backup contacts, important pictures and all other information on multiple apps such as Google Photos, WhatsApp backup, Evernote and others. You can recover them after the reset is complete.

  1. Open the Parameters menu and access the general management.
  2. Open the Reset menu
  3. Find the factory data reset, then confirm by pressing the Delete all function
  4. You must enter your model, fingerprint or password to complete the main reset
  5. Wait until the process is finished and the phone automatically restarts on the welcome screen

Factory reset Galaxy S9

Once the process is complete, you can consider installing the latest updates from Samsung's Android operating system on your Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone.

These are some of the most reliable methods of speeding up the Samsung Galaxy S9 and either method should certainly do the trick. You will enjoy a more responsive, faster and more reliable phone, which will be even better when other OTA software updates are released in the future.

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