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How to listen to YouTube music when the screen is off

enero 20, 2020
How to listen to YouTube music when the screen is off

Android users have a new reason to be happy. If you have a device with the Google operating system, you can now listen to music on YouTube with the screen of your phone locked, all thanks to a free application.

Although YouTube is a video content platform offering a wide variety of videos, many users use it to listen to their favorite music. If you can't find the song you are looking for in music streaming apps, such as Spotify, YouTube is likely to fulfill your wish.

You cannot listen to music on YouTube while your phone screen is blocked. It's frustrating, not only because it consumes your battery, but makes the experience quite uncomfortable, as it is almost impossible to put your phone in your pocket without clicking a few buttons.

Now the application "Black Screen for Life" for Android, comes to save the situation. This free app locks the screen of your phone using the proximity sensor.

When locked, the display is turned off, which means that when you lock the phone, the music also stops. All you have to do is cover the proximity sensor, which is located at the top of your phone. It also works if you face the phone or put it in your pocket. It's not the nicest method, but it works.The app provides a secure method without having to root your Android device. "Black Screen for Life" can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here.

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