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France: the second Apple Store in Paris has opened

enero 20, 2020

Apple Store Opra 2

The lines were long this Saturday morning at 12 rue Halvy located in the "Opra" district of the French capital where a major event was celebrated: the opening of the second Parisian Apple Store.

It was in prestigious premises of an old bank built in 1863 that the Cupertino company decided to spread its products over 1,200m. Everything has been planned and nothing is too good for this firm which has decided once again to welcome its customers in the best conditions.

Even if the good weather was still not there this Saturday, many were the people who did not hesitate to travel to be – the first people to cross the doors to receive in particular the famous t-shirt whose draw has t performed in ?Limit series? the occasion of the event. Small bonus of circumstance on this rainy day, large umbrellas stamped with the brand logo were also made available to people who were waiting in queues …

And the icing on the cake: the surprise visit of Apple's C.E.O, Steve Jobs:

Apple Store Opra 14

Apple Store Opra 15Crdit photos: atallahmarc

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