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France: George Hotz was present "La nuit du Hack"

enero 20, 2020

The famous hacker American George Hotz – better known as Geohot – Was visiting Paris this weekend where he had been invited ?The night of the hack?, an event that has as its theme to bring together many computer security enthusiasts and therefore many hackers.

the occasion of a conference, given by Geohot, which was intended to be centered on the hack of the game console Playstation 3, the famous hacker did not fail to deviate slightly from his subject for discuss a few moments about his favorite area: the iPhone hack.

This is how he insisted on explaining the method – concocted by him – to find the flaw in the baseband 05.11.07 (iPhone internal software, editor's note), how he designed his iPhone unlocking software "Blackra1n" or how Apple's security system works in its firmware iOS.

During his conference, Geohot also announced that he was currently working on the development of a new jailbreak (unlock, note) that it will make available shortly after the launch of the iPhone 4. This new tool will be called "Pwnt4lif".

Even if the famous hacker had announced several times his wish to move away from the iPhone domain to devote himself to other sectors (Android, Playstation, etc.), it would finally seem that the domain of hack of the iPhone has not yet finished touching it.

We discuss it on the forum.

Video excerpt (of low quality) from the conference by George Hotz: