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AirPower, this is the advertisement that Apple never broadcast [Vido]

enero 20, 2020

Among the many content collected by The Apple Archive, one document stands out: advertising dedicated to AirPower. note that this video has never been seen before.


AirPower has been one of Apple?s biggest flops in recent years. Presented with great fanfare in 2017 as a wireless charger with advanced functions. It should be able to charge up to three devices simultaneously without the user having to worry about its position. The project was first postponed and then definitively canceled by the company almost two years later. The problem was apparently caused by overheating of the load coils. Too many, Apple has failed to find a solution. The choice of the number of coils was important so that the devices could be loaded regardless of their position.

In Apple?s unofficial archive, a 14-second video spot shows some of the features of this charger, which holds the iPhone X, Apple Watch and AirPods.

For some, this video would be a fake. The Apple Archive has not released any information on the origin of an unpublished document like this one. Reason why the gift settled in certain people.

Video can be viewed from this link. Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments.