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A patent for the new glass of the iPhone 11?

enero 20, 2020

iphone xi iphone 11 iconAmong all the new features of the iPhone 11, there is that of a new coating. Tried by analyst Kuo, textured glass is shown in a patent filed by Apple.

Document published by the US patent office demonstrates the benefits of a frosted and textured glass on the back of the iPhone XI. Indeed, the glass fitted to the iPhone XS and XR (but also the iPhone 8) may be pretty, it is nonetheless very slippery.

iphone xr red mugshot

IPhone 11 could slip out of hands less

With this new type of glass, future iPhone 2019s would naturally offer a better grip, living with animal accidents and dirty bills. In addition, its resistance would be increased, better protecting your precious phone thanks to several layers of glass and polymers. What to avoid putting a shell … or not.

In any case, the result would be at least as aesthetic with a decorative effect as indicated in the patent. Remain to see the result.

Be careful though, an apple patent is not always the assurance of an exit as it is. In any case, we expect this kind of novelty for the start of the 2019 season, to boost sales which are losing momentum.

patent iphone 11 glass texture back