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The Apple CEO "heats up" in a change of mail?

enero 19, 2020

You are aware that someone seems to answer occasional questions and suggestions sent to the e-mail address. To date, it is impossible to know if it is really the CEO of Apple in person, Steve Jobs, his assistant (e) or anyone in the group of the Cupertino firm.

The last change of mail dating this friday was to say the least "Anim".

The question was sent by Ryan Tate, editor at Gawker Media (the group that revealed the prototype of the iPhone 4G, editor's note) in which it asks, rather titillating, why is the iPad revolutionary in the sense that it does not offer "Complete freedom of use".

Steve Jobs (or the person at the other end of the conversation, note) responds, keeping his cool at first, defending Apple's strategy on these choices around iPhone or iPad applications, the restriction around Adobe Flash, while explaining the purpose of being able to offer ?The best experience possible? the user.

With that, Tate puts a layer on his opinion saying that the Apple ecosystem is closed and explains Steve Jobs that it is not freedom. The latter also tries to convince the CEO of Apple that Flash technology does not affect the battery of a device and that it is very frustrating to restrict developers from being able to work with this technology.

This is how Steve Jobs responded with a firmer tone:

Why are you so bitter on technical questions like these? It has nothing to do with freedom. Apple is trying to make good choices for its users. Users, developers and publishers can do whatever they want, they don't buy or develop or publish to iPad if they don't want to. That seems to be your problem, not theirs.

And to conclude:

Besides, what have you done so great? You have created nothing and you are content to criticize the work of others by minimizing their motivations.

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