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Microsoft denies Steve Ballmer's presence at the keynote

enero 19, 2020

It?s through his account Twitter that Microsoft has just denied the sayings from analyst Trip Chowdhry from Global Equities Research indicating the possible presence of the CEO of the Redmond company, Steve Ballmer, at the next Apple Keynote (press conference, note) scheduled for June 7.

?Steve Ballmer will not take part in this press conference? indicates the tweet from Microsoft and add that "His presence was not also foreseen in the American reality show Dancing with the Stars so to go riding in the Belmonts" concluded the Redmond firm with humor.

Microsoft's post on Twitter does not answer the question of whether the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 development software will finally be present or not during this keynote

Even if rumors indicated that 7 minutes of the press conference would be scheduled for Microsoft, it is nevertheless unlikely to be correct in the sense that Apple was not inclined until now accepting iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad application development through a device other than the SDK (application development kit, editor's note).

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