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Mac Pro 2019: the 8 TB SSD option is available at € 3,120

enero 19, 2020

Mac Pro 2019: the 8 TB SSD option is available at ? 3,120 – iPhone Soft

imac pro iconApple released its Mac Pro 2019 at the beginning of last week, with crazy options that can make the price of the machine soar more than 62,000 euros. While it is possible to throw its dvolu on 1.5 TB of RAM for the modest sum of 30,000 euros during its configuration, the Mac Pro stopped at only 4 TB of SSD storage. But as promised, the 8 GB option of disk space has arrived. And the bill takes another hit.

mac pro 2019 any option 63,000 euros

A new option for the new Mac Pro

After explaining to us how to change the RAM or the disk, Apple therefore launches a new option for its Mac Pro 2019. The bill then climbs more than 63,859 with the 8 TB of SSD. Indeed, the option is billed 3120.

Expensive, but if as much as some competitors like us had also seen. The only bmol ultimately, is that the firm the apple is also stingy on basic storage with 256 GB of disk for 6499.

For the record, the Mac Pro is really intended for image, sound and animation professionals who need top-notch computing power and who have substantial budgets.

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