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Mac Pro 2019: iFixit pleasantly surprised by its repairability

enero 19, 2020

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphone with each release of high-tech device from the Apple, whether it be a phone or a computer, we look forward to the assessment given by iFixit, the specialists in dismantling devices and repairing them.

In general, the relationship between Apple and the website is quite "tense", because Cupertino has been making sure for a few years that not everyone can open their devices, as part of a modification or an attempt to troubleshoot.

Thus, Apple makes sure that customers go through the Apple Store and approved repair spaces. However, things seem completely different for the new Mac Pro, praised by the website for its exceptional comparability.

mac pro 2019 ifixit

The Mac Pro 2019 goes under the iFixit screwdrivers

When iFixit talks about the Mac Pro, we could see a declaration … We can thus read there that the machine is the Christmas surprise of the repairer, a marvel of repairability which is wonderfully well constructed.

Nothing but … It must be said that after the test, we learn that the computer can be opened with common tools, thus winning a 9/10 in repairability score.

A way for Apple to show that it obeys the rules of American repair law. For the record, the Mac Pro 2013 had copied an honorable 8/10, despite a complex cylindrical design.