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iPhone 4G: 24 million orders for this year

enero 19, 2020

Apple has reportedly placed massive orders for the iPhone 4G from suppliers and factories based in China, according to recent reports.

IPhone 4G maker Foxconn appears to have received the order from Cupertino to be able to ship no less than 24 million units new aircraft for at least this year, with deliveries beginning in June and 4.5 million units in the first half, then 19.5 million units for the rest of the year.

It would be a phased deployment of the product in an attempt to meet maximum demand.

The news reinforces Digitimes' assumption that Apple may announce the new iPhone on June 7 at the launch of WWDC.

On the technical side of the device, we learn that the high resolution screen of the iPhone 4G (960 × 640 pixels) would adopt IPS technology ((In-Plane Switching, editor's note) offering an extra wide angle of view and FFS (Fringe field switching, editor's note) offering superior screen quality and excellent response time to the touch technology used. .

These adaptations would have been necessary in order to optimize the reading of an e-book and therefore suggested the opening of an iBookStore intended for the iPhone in June.

From the processor side, it would be certain that the processor used is the famous ARM Cortex A8, already used in the iPad, and would include 512MB of RAM from Samsung Electronics, double the current capacity. These new specifications should further optimize the new features offered in the next iPhone OS including multitasking.

On the side of the battery, less energy-consuming thanks to the new processor used, it would be produced by Simplo Dynapack International Technology.

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