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How to fix Galaxy S9 notification issues

enero 19, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + are great smartphones with impressive hardware specifications, but they do have software issues that you may have encountered. According to many users on the Samsung forums and support pages; there are notifications and Wi-Fi Problems on these flagship models. Here are some tips on how to fix Galaxy S9 notification issues.

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How to fix Galaxy S9 notification issues

Method 1: Start with the basics by restarting your smartphone

The majority of the problems are solved by magic when you restart your smartphone, because the Android operating system and its hidden memory will be erased when you turn off and turn on your Galaxy S9. The problem is related to the latest version of the Android operating system and the software version of Samsung. Although a restart is not guaranteed to immediately resolve your notification issues, it is possible that it works fine for some users.

Method 2: Erase the cache partition while maintaining the security of your data

Factory reset should be the last resort, as you will lose most of your data and may need to restore it from the cloud, in addition to connecting a dozen apps for your phone to work. Before trying it, make a cache partition. This should be done in two phases to see if it solves your problem.

  • Go to the settings and applications page
  • Click on the three dotted lines in the upper right corner and select "Show system applications"
  • Scroll to find the badge provider
  • Click on storage once in the application and make sure to clear the cache and data
  • Do not restart, but turn off your phone completely and go to the final step

final steps to clear partition from cache

  • While your device is still turned on, press and hold the volume up key, the Bixby button and the power button
  • Your device will start to turn on and display the Android logo
  • Release all buttons and the phone will guide you to the options in the Android system recovery menu.
  • You can then use the volume key to scroll and find the cache partition menu
  • Click the power button to confirm your choice
  • When the operation is complete, press the power button to restart the system now in the recovery options.

Method 3: change your Android Doze settings

After trying many methods, some users have suggested that this particular method has solved the problem on their Galaxy S9 + and S9 phones. Android Doze is a feature designed to prevent apps from draining the battery and putting them to sleep whenever possible. Sometimes this can prevent apps from sending notifications when you receive a new message or email.

  • Open the settings and go to the maintenance of the device, then to the battery category
  • Tap to open unmonitored apps / standby apps to scroll down
  • Check if apps like messages, hangouts, Gmail, and other important apps are still set up for standby apps
  • Move these apps to unsupervised apps so that Android Doze doesn't try to prevent them from showing notifications
  • Go to your phone's settings, open a specific application and tap on Application info to click on notifications to unblock them.

Method 4: Remove the apps that do not show the notification badges and reinstall them

Notification badges are a total mess on Samsung phones and users are trying to identify if this is an Android or Samsung issue. With Android P at your fingertips, these problems can be solved, but you need a quick solution. Application icons no longer show the number of missed calls, messages or notifications. It can be corrected when you completely uninstall the application from your phone and reinstall it from Google Play Store.

Method 5: restore notifications by installing a new launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the oldest and most popular launchers. Installing a third-party launcher on the stock launcher is one of the best ways to resolve galaxy notification issues that you might find. After experiencing dozens of positive user feedback on multiple forums, it looks like another action launcher is helping you receive notification badges for all of your apps until Samsung is ready to roll out a software update.

There are more than a dozen Android launchers available on the Google Play Store. Most are free, and premium versions aren't expensive either. You can choose one, but Nova Launcher has the functionality to activate notification badges for all popular applications, which should immediately resolve the issue.

Galaxy S9 New launcher

Method 6: Change your WhatsApp notification settings

Notification issues with Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + are generally found on all their phones due to software bugs. This upsets most users because they do not receive timely updates from their WhatsApp and Gmail applications, which are the most used communication applications. You may consider changing your notification settings for WhatsApp and it might resolve the issue for the application in question.

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the three dotted lines in the upper right corner
  • Tap the notification settings
  • Make sure high priority notification is active
  • You can activate the contextual notification as an alternative solution so as not to miss the important messages that will ensure its display even when the screen is turned off

Galaxy S9 WhatsApp settings

Method 7: the inevitable factory reset solution

After trying all of the available options, the only thing left is to reset your device. It will immediately delete all of your local data, SMS and user logins from all of your installed applications. A new Samsung Galaxy S9 is what you get after the reset is complete and it can take hours to bring it back to your normal operating state.

  • Open the settings on the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 + smartphone
  • Scroll down to find the backup and reset page
  • Press factory reset, then press clear all to complete the process

Once done, install only the most essential applications as there is always a chance that a malicious application could affect your settings. You can continue to use your phone without prior notice until Samsung releases a new software update for your Android operating system.

Method 8: Download all the latest OTA updates

Samsung regularly releases OTA updates. Install them as soon as they are available, as the developers are already working on a possible fix for this problem. The update will correct both the notification and the Wi-Fi issues that Galaxy S9 users have been facing for the past few months. You can also try calling your cellular service provider or Samsung customer service to find out when a new update will be released.

The purpose of the guide is to help users find a way to resolve Samsung Galaxy S9 notification issues and one or the other option should give you the answer you are looking for. It is a great phone with no questions and software problems will eventually be resolved by the manufacturer. However, as you need a quick fix, you can use alternative launchers, manually force the notified apps in different ways until they are officially sorted.