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"Gianduia", Apple's alternative to the Flash plugin

Apple presented, last summer, the occasion of the World of WebObjects Developer Conference (WOWODC), the fair dedicated to developers who want to learn more about WebObjects development, the project Gianduia.

This system, accessible via an internet browser, would be written in JavaScript, but based on WebObjects and Cocoa.

With HTML5, it has already been proven thatl is possible to do without the flash plugin by creating sites with sophisticated animations and web applications without having to use plugins like that of Adobe.

In regards to Gianduia, the latter is already used by physical Apple Stores, for people who wish to make a reservation for an interview in a Genius Bar (reservation system Concierge) or in the iPhone reservation system.

Gianduia can be compared with Adobe Air or Microsoft Silverlight.

Its existence is therefore not secret but the argument between Adobe and Apple could push the latter to put a little more forward Gianduia.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Apple Insider)