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Facebook integrated into iPhone OS 4.0?

enero 19, 2020

The final version of the future iPhone OS 4.0 could integrate functionalities of interaction with the social network Facebook. This would concern the synchronization of contacts as well as interactions with the applications available on the App Store, according to a new report conducted by Silicon Allay Insider.

The latter apparently well informed indicate that the next version of the iPhone / iPad application development kit could now integrate Facebook Connect in order to allow developers to add functionality of interactions between their applications and the famous social network. "But we don't have details on how it might work." says report author Dan Frommer.

The report also hypothesizes that Apple could integrate a kind of messaging function reserved exclusively for exchanges between users Facebook resembling the ?Messages? application already integrated into the iPhone OS since its inception.

Integrating an OS with Facebook is already one of the important features incorporated since version 2.0 of Google?s Android OS. Microsoft's side plans to include this feature in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 scheduled for later this year.

The integration of Facebook in iPhone OS is expected to be at the next Apple press conference (keynote) which is likely to take place at the opening of the developer conference (WWDC) in San Francisco on June 7.

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