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Belgium, 4th most expensive European country in mobile telephony

enero 19, 2020

Impressive, one minute of communication with us is billed six times more than in some countries like Latvia. With the exception of the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Malta, the prices charged in Belgium remain the highest.

Today there are still 27 telecommunications markets instead of a single market , says Neelie Kroes, spokesperson for the European Commission.

The concern stems, among other things, from the termination rates generated, among other things, by charges for handling calls by the different operators on their own network, raised to 8 cents per minute. These rates alone are already higher than the total rate used in most European countries.

Changes would be expected in the sector. LIBPT (supervisory body for the telecommunications sector in Belgium) has taken charge of the file and will agree in the coming weeks on the reduction in termination rates.

Could mobile communication prices finally decrease?

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