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Apple would offer MobileMe? – Belgium-iPhone

enero 19, 2020

Available at first free of charge, Mac, MobileMe was created for a fee in June 2008 and then saw its offer expand: synchronization (PC and Mac) of your contacts, calendars and mail via Push through your iPhone, iPod Touch and present iPad, including data storage and website hosting (photo gallery).

All of these interesting new services have been offered for a fee since their introduction. They cost up to 79 for a personal license and 129 for a family pack. However, according to a rumor, Apple could change its strategy regarding these services and would help to provide them for free! The purpose of the maneuver would be to counter the free services offered by Google (Gmail, Google Document, Calendar, etc.).

For your part, did the fact that MobileMe is offered for a fee so far hindered it? Would you be ready to opt for these services if they were offered free of charge?

We discuss it on the forum.