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Apple plans gamer's Mac for 2020

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphoneFavoring for many years the promotion of professional software and creativity with the Mac, Apple has moved away from a very lucrative market. That of gaming. At the moment, when you are a player on a computer, you are always going to a PC running Windows 10. This time could soon be over!

Apple's entry into the esports market?

Professional video games have increased significantly in recent times, especially thanks to streaming platforms like YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Mixer… but also thanks to professional competitions as we have seen this year with the Fortnite World Cup and the American Bugha who won 3 million of New York dollars.
 Apple Park, this trend has not gone unnoticed, to the point that we would be interested in launching an iMac with a configuration that matches the performance required for most games today.

imac gaming

through this new directive, Apple would like to take action the e-sport universe and draw players to the Mac.

A rumor from Taiwan

The rumor was probably launched by subcontractors of the Californian firm. This speaks of an iMac special gamer with performance far superior to the iMac that we know today. The price would also be much higher, since Apple would launch a price of around $ 5,000. a would the price of entry-level of the first iMac in the "gaming" range.

The rumor which does not seem very precise could also speak of a MacBook special gaming. The Californian firm is preparing a big announcement for the WWDC 2020 which will take place next June. Since we will have to attract game developers who develop only for the Windows operating system who do not see the point of doing it for macOS given that the gaming community is nearly inexistent.

What if Apple Arcade was just the beginning?

With its subscription gaming service, Apple has taken the first step into the world of video games. Apple Arcade offers dj more than 100 games different themes, and the service is both available to users iOS, iPadOS, but also macOS !
In addition, with the compatibility of the controllers PlayStation and Xbox, that gives a certain importance and credibility the rumor tawanaise.

This rumor is closely followed, since if Apple launches on the video games market, it promises to have Macs high specification and fast calculation. It will also be necessary the necessary graphics card to support games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Fortnite, League of Legends, GTA 5, Apex Legends …

The launch of a Mac gaming, will also be an opportunity to obtain new business opportunities for Apple. Mac sales around the world should also take off!