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Apple could pay bonus to Foxconn workers

enero 19, 2020

The Chinese website, Zol, property ofCBS Interactive, reports that Apple may pay Foxconn employees directly, as a small percentage (12.2%) of the profits from products sold by Apple.

You are aware that a series of suicides affects workers at the Foxconn company (see: ?Very difficult working conditions in iPhone production factories?), the same company that assembles several products from Apple (but also other companies).

These workers earn, on average, $ 130 / month with working conditions (60,100 hours of work per week) and a very difficult living environment. Apple did not remain insensitive and after having carried out an investigation, it wishes to give a bonus to all the workers of this company, in addition to the increase promised by the CEO of Foxconn, Guo Tai-ming, to grant 20% of additional salary per month.

Apple would pay Foxconn 2.3% of the final price of an Apple product sold in stores. But the Cupertino company would pay, in addition, a profit for each employee of the Chinese factory of the order of 1 to 2% of the profits generated by the sales of Apple products.

The report from the Chinese site Zol further states that Apple would begin to give these benefits, first, to workers working on the production lines of iPad.

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