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Apple Acquires Intrinsity To Produce Even Faster Processors

enero 19, 2020

The Cupertino company continues to have "little pleasures" regarding the acquisition of companies that can be very useful in its development. Latest acquisition, the firm Intrinsity, whose transaction was valued $ 121 million. This Austin-based firm in Texas (USA) is renowned for developing microprocessors that can be found in mobile devices.

This is the second time in two years that Apple has purchased a small company specializes in this technology in order to produce processors faster but also consuming less energy.

Intrinsity particularly stood out in development ?More advanced? processor A8 Cortex ARM cadens 650Mhz integrated in particular in the iPhone 3GS when arriving to push a speed of 1Ghz.

This prowess obtained by this Texas firm even had the consequence of leaving a feeling of bad atmosphere among the staff of PA Semi including the Cupertino firm had acquired it in April 2009. PA Semi is also in charge of developing processors including the famous A8 Cortex ARM. Talented employees have reportedly left the company recently to join Google?s development team.

What will be the consequences of this new acquisition by the Cupertino company? Will it influence the choice of processor on the next iPhone (if it is not already done) or the next iPad?

Anyway, Intrinsity would be responsible for developing the next ?Apple? processor Cortex A9 multicore which might well be ahead of the competition.

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