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An Apple processor in the iPhone 4G?

enero 19, 2020

We told you earlier this morning about the presence in nature of another prototype iPhone V4 (see: ?A new iPhone 4G in the wild?? ).

So far, the iPhone has only been partially dismantled, as Gizmodo had done with its prototype.

But here, the dismantling of the prototype, bought in the United States by a Vietnamese businessman, was carried out in more depth since we discover an Apple processor inside this iPhone V4. The latter is marked N90 (on the small white label), which is rumored to be the internal code name for the future processor expected to equip the iPhone V4!

In addition, it seems that this new prototype (photo on the right) slightly different from that found by Gizmodo (photo on the left). Particularly at the level of the screws, which disappeared on this iPhone V4. We can also see that the microphone and the speaker are slightly wider than on the previous prototype.

So it looks like we're closer to a final version of the iPhone V4.

We discuss it on the forum.