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A "special" version of iPhone OS 4.0 on the iPhone V1

enero 19, 2020

iPhone V1

Apple announced at the last Keynote that the iPhone V1 would not be eligible for an update to its latest firmware, iPhone OS 4.0. The main cause would be the poor performance of it.

A team of developers would however work on a rather interesting project since it would consist of making available an update to iPhone OS 4.0 on the iPhone V1 through firmware reworked.

The team members are passionate about Open Source, they have already collaborated in the development of Unix for the European Community. They also did work on Windows 95 and 98 code and they also did firmware personalized for console.

Here is a photo of the progress of the current project, we can notice that the version installed on the device is iPhone OS 4.0:

iPhone V1 OS 4

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