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The prototype of the iPhone 4G: "Close to the final version" according to John Gruber

enero 18, 2020

The saga of the prototype of the iPhone 4G is still not about to end if we take in the recent revelations of John Gruber of Daring Fireball. According to the latter, the prototype of the iPhone 4G recently unveiled ?From all angles? through Gizmodo, would probably be very similar to the final product which will be presented by Apple next June.

To advance his claims, Gruber uses the barcode "N90_DVT-GE4X_0493" that we could read on the prototype found. According to him, "N90" means the codename for the fourth generation Apple iPhone. "DVT" translates as ?Design Test and Verification? and would indicate a very early stage in the design of the final product: ?I now believe that this unit is very close, if not exactly the same, to what Apple will do to us offer this as early as ?says Gruber.

He went on to say that there was an absolute need for test units to leave the Apple Cupertino campus for further testing "in the field". Apple has reportedly distributed dozens of test units in recent months to make sure they work under different cellular network covers.

Even if he would no longer doubt the design of the next iPhone, it remains to be seen whether the specifications, found by Gizmodo, will be featured in the next generation of the apple phone.

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