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The iPhone clone would ultimately be a real iPhone 4G prototype!

enero 18, 2020

Finally, we're almost going to be hard pressed to find our way around, but here is a quick summary of information on the hypothetical iPhone 4G whose photos were published this Sunday morning. Engadget received this Sunday morning, clichés of what would be a prototype of the iPhone 4G. Later in the day, a reader contact the editor from the same site, telling them that he himself bought this iPhone clone in Japan recently and published his photo for proof. Rebounding tonight and rather large, when the writing of Engadget is contacted by one of these readers who brought out a photo of the iPad prototype of which Belgium-iPhone had also published it to you January 27th. So we see there the famous prototype of the iPad certainly posed in one of the laboratories of Apple but by looking more closely, more precisely at the top right, we find there, what would seem to be, the famous iPhone 4G prototype published today in a more visible way! After analysis, it would also seem that the object placed in the formwork of the iPad prototype is also the same prototype iPhone 4G.

Is that also wondering if Apple would not seek to cover the tracks?

Discover below the photos of the prototype of the iPhone 4G.

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iPhone 4G Prototype