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Steve Jobs the imminent conference "All Things Digital"

Steve Jobs will open the ball on June 1st of the eighth conference ?All Things Digital?, bringing together big names from the computer and digital world, organized by the Wall Street Journal and gives Los Angeles.

This conference promises a famous gratin of interviews and luxury encounters due to the presence of other pillars which are none other than Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook), Peter Chou, HTC (CEO HTC), James Cameron (director of Avatar), John Donahoe (CEO eBay) Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO),? During Steve Jobs' last participation in 2007, he had met Bill Gates on stage, one could imagine this time Peter Chou or Steve Ballmer giving him the reply.

During the interview with Steve Jobs, which will no doubt be conducted by Wall Mossberg and Kara Swisher, perhaps there will be some clarifications on the case of the iPhone G4 prototype and the repercussions on its launch planned by Apple.

For all those whose dream is to meet the great iPapy, know that this conference has been sold-out since January.

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