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[Rsum du Special Event] iPhone OS 4.0: Multitasking and other new features!

enero 18, 2020

It was this Thursday, April 8, 2010 that was held a Special Event at Apple premises, Cupertino.

The press conference started with a quick return on iPad sales. On Saturday April 3 alone, no less than 300,000 iPads were sold (450,000 so far). 600,000 e-books have been purchased and 1 million iPad apps have been downloaded.

Regarding the heart of this Special Event, it is firmware 4.0 which is at the heart of all attention. This new version will offer up to 100 new features and 1500 APIs!

But these are 7 major functions that have been highlighted.

1. The multitasking

Expected as the Holy Grail, Apple ended up integrating multitasking management applications coming from the App Store (You should know that the iPhone currently allows multitasking, but only for applications originally supplied with the iPhone (Mail, Phone, SMS, iPod, etc.).

The important point in all of this is the battery. Apple has provided special APIs to allow developers to preserve the iPhone?s battery life.

For example, it will now be possible to make a VOIP call while leaving the application, without the call being ended. Another example concerns GPS guidance applications. From now on, it will be possible to make a call without the application losing its satellite position.

Regarding GPS guidance applications, it will be possible to deactivate, one by one, the applications that use the positioning data. In addition, a new indicator in the iPhone taskbar will indicate when an application uses GPS positioning.

It will be possible to keep an application in the random access memory (RAM) without consuming it on the processor of the iPhone (CPU).

2. The application files and the background screen

At a time when the App Store, and our iPhones, abound in all kinds of applications, Apple now offers create directories in which applications can be placed according to our wishes (the name of the folder is given according to the category of the first application included in this folder but it can be renamed).

It will now be possible to change the background image of the home screen iPhone (springboard) regardless of the screen saver image (lockscreen).

3. A brand new Mail application

A brand new Mail application will also be introduced in firmware 4.0. This last gre multiple Exchanges accounts, you can finally have access to all your emails from different accounts in a single reception box. It will now be possible to sort emails by thread (thanks to the subject of the email).

4. The iPhone in business

The firmware 4.0 manages them Exchange 2010 servers as well as secure connections SSL VPN. In addition, it will be possible for businesses to allow application downloads via the Wi-Fi network. Better data encryption is also expected.

5. iBooks arrives on iPhone

Apple proudly showed upiBook Store for iPad during its previous Special Event last January. If you are the lucky owner of an iPhone, you can take advantage of iBooks thanks to the twin sister of the iPad application! It looks exactly like the iPad version.

6. Game Center

The game on iPhone and iPod Touch is essential. The developers have understood the potential of Apple?s touchscreen devices and their capabilities. Apple therefore offers a ?Game center" a kind of social network where players can chat with each other, display their results in scoreboards, etc.

7. iAd

Steve Jobs wants to give the opportunity to offer free applications whose developers are paid. Apple wants to compete with audiovisual advertising by delivering "interaction and emotion". The Cupertino company will therefore host the advertisements and sell them directly.

The Apple boss wants the user not to leave the application when an advertisement is displayed. Displayed in HTML5, it can be closed with a small cross. It can integrate sound. The presentation made by Steve Jobs shows that it will, in addition, be possible to play in these advertisements of small games.

60% of the revenues generated by advertisements in the applications will go to developers.


The third generation firmware 4.0 for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch will be available sometime this t. The second firmware 4.0 for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch will also be available later this summer. Note only that for the latter, certain functions will not be available (such as multitasking).

It seems like First-generation iPhone V1 and iPod Touch no longer supported by Apple

Firmware 4.0 for iPad will be available in the fall of 2010.

Firmware 4.0 SDK is available today for download for developers.

Questions – Answers

– All the advertisements that will be displayed will be in HTML5

– The flash and java will not be supported by firmware 4.0

– Apple wants to give maximum revenue to developers who will include advertisements in their applications.

– When asked to know more about the fact that the iPad seems to be able to display data on the screen saver (lockscreen), Steve Jobs quickly answered the question?.

– Apple wants its social network to be used by a large number of developers.

Second generation iPhone 3G and iPod Touch will not be able to access multitasking for the simple reason that the hardware of these machines does not allow it! Mainly d by the lack of RAM (RAM).

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Photo credit: (Gizmodo)