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iPhone OS 3.2 available in early April?

The iPhone SDK 3.2 bta development kit [interface for developing iPhone applications under specific firmware, note] has been available for a few days. An in-depth review of this new SDK could demonstrate, according to a site reader 9to5mac, that the next iPhone OS update will likely include new touch controls such as triple-touch, long press and a new, more advanced rotation feature …

All of these new features are expected to be part of the iPad, which will go on sale in the United States in early April. In conclusion, the Cupertino company could take advantage of the launch of the iPad [equipped with the iPhone OS 3.2, editor's note] to offer this new firmware version to iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Enough to make us wait until June when the new iPhone and its OS 4.0 are introduced.

We discuss it on the forum.