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IPhone explodes Apple's financial results

Apple released its financial results for its second fiscal quarter of 2010 yesterday. The firm of Steve Jobs recorded double its profit compared to the same period last year, with a profit which peaked at 3.07 billion, or $ 3.33 per action.

Sales of $ 13.5 billion compared to $ 9.08 billion a year ago, an increase of 49%.

During the period running, it is especially the sale of iPhone that marked this growth, with 8.75 million sold, or 131% more. Mac sales also increased with an additional 33% to $ 2.94 million sold.

Here is Steve Jobs' reaction:

Were thrilled to report our best non-holiday quarter ever, with revenues up 49 percent and profits up 90 percent Weve launched our revolutionary new iPad and users are loving it, and we have several more extraordinary products in the pipeline for this year.

Our iPapy intends to persevere in the machine making dollars!

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