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How to make the Galaxy S8 faster

enero 18, 2020

Galaxy S8 is certainly one of the fastest smartphones equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. It made the Smartphone perform spectacularly. However, over time and use, you may notice a delay in performance which could be for a variety of reasons. So here we are going to discuss some tips to make Galaxy S8 faster so that you can enjoy performance without lag always.

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Tips to make the Galaxy S8 faster

Activate the developer option to modify the animation parameters:

This is a common tip advised by all Android phone users, which allows you to reduce the extent of the animation for better performance. To activate the developer option, go to settings> About phone, then press the build number 7 times which will activate the development option. Once the development option is active, find options such as the Windows animation scale, the animation duration scale and the transition animation scale. Set them all to 0.5x for optimal performance, then restart the device.

Adjust the performance mode:

Another useful tip to speed up your Galaxy S8 is to make some changes to the performance mode. Samsung added in the maintenance section of the device under the settings which allows you to choose the necessary mode. Go to settings> device maintenance section where you will be present with options like Optimis, entertainment, gaming and high performance. It is important to mention here that high performance will not actually improve performance, but will improve the resolution of the screen and the brightness of the screen. The option that will work best to increase the performance of your phone is the game mode. It will provide a smooth graphical experience during games.

Deactivate the Always on function:

Always on is a feature of the Android device that keeps a small part of the screen always so that everything can be seen easily without touching the device. But this function consumes a quantity of battery such as 5% of the battery around 8 hours and also consumes energy resources. This will affect performance, which is why disabling the Always On feature is useful.

Make sure you keep the phone clean:

Samsung has added another tweak in the settings that allow you to clean the phone by simply clicking a small button. Go to the settings> Device maintenance section and there you will find the optimization settings which offer a quick view of how the device is filled. In addition, it contains an optimize now tapping button on which you can remove all unnecessary background applications and hides it so that the device can operate at full speed.

Uninstall the unused application:

The Smartphone contains many applications delivered with the device, but they are useless and remain unused over time. But they definitely take up space in the memory of the device, while some continue to run in the background to affect the life of the battery. Performance is therefore affected and it is therefore always good to get rid of it. What can you do to get rid of the bloatware to go to settings> Application manager> All tab, then select one by one the unused applications to deactivate or deactivate the applications. Uninstall them. This will free up a good amount of space in the device, which will automatically increase performance.

Reduce the screen resolution:

Another tip to make the Galaxy S8 faster is to keep the screen resolution to a minimum. Higher resolution will create more pressure on the processor and GPU, which will affect overall performance. Even if a higher resolution will make things like videos enjoyable, but if you want to enjoy better performance, the lower resolution display is suggested. Look for the display option under the settings and from there you can reduce the screen resolution.

Define the limit of the background process:

This is one of the best ideas that can boost the performance of the device quickly. The number of background processes must be defined as a minimum, which can be done by activating the development option. To do this, go to Settings> About phone and press the build number 7 times which will bring the developer option. Under this option, scroll down to get the background process limit. Now press this option and select at most 4 processes. Then restart the device. This will make things much smoother, as switching from one application to another will be done quickly.

Activate the game launcher:

The next thing you could do in your Samsung Galaxy S8 is to turn on the Game Launcher which will allow you to enjoy the game smoothly. The game launcher when turned on offers a folder to store all the games with offering you various options such as disabling the notification during the game, mute, etc. that deliver exceptional performance while helping you save juice.

The download booster is the trick you should know:

Downloading booster is another thing to speed up your Galaxy S8. This option can be found in the settings. When this option is enabled, downloading is very easy and quick. How it works is this feature uses both Wi-fi and LTE connection and both are used for download. However, you must remember that this feature, when enabled, will always use the most data in your device.

Clear cache data:

Clearing the memory cache once or twice a month is suggested not only for the Galaxy S8 users but rather for all Smartphone users. When the cache volume is high, it affects the performance of the device and therefore deleting it to calibrate the memory will increase the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S8.

So, these are the tips to make the Galaxy S8 faster. Try applying them one by one in your device and you will certainly benefit from a fast performance.

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