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Best VR apps for iPhone

enero 18, 2020

Technology is growing so fast that there is practically nothing in the world that is impossible. And virtual reality, of course, is a great innovation that allows us to take advantage of real-time experience of certain things. Well, a virtual reality headset is needed for this, which is relatively expensive and many of us cannot afford it. If you have an iPhone, you can have VR experience, but still, you will need a VR headset, but it can be cheaper. So, in order to enjoy VR content on your iPhone all you need is an iPhone running iOS 10, a cheaper VR headset and of course VR applications.

While inexpensive VR headsets are available on Amazon, iPhone VR apps are available in the App Store. In this article, we have listed the best VR 10 apps for iPhone.

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10 best VR apps for iPhone


Best VR apps for iPhone

YouTube is probably the most used and most used VR app that doesn't need to be downloaded once again because it is already present on almost everyone's device. The best part is this app is completely free. Thanks to the inclusion of 360-degree videos, you can now enjoy the virtual reality experience. What you need to do is type 360 ??degree videos in YouTube on your iPhone, tap the VR icon, then wear the VR headset to sink into the world of joy.

Download YouTube for iPhone

Incell VR

Best VR apps for iPhone

Another VR app for iPhone to mention in the list. It is without doubt one of the best virtual reality applications for iPhone, completely free. So again, this will not require you to spend a single dollar. It is actually a racing game inside the human body. You play inside the human body, the experience is really cool. The game consists of protecting humans at the cellular level. Users will have to collect the object in the game. The beautiful colors and size are really nice.

Download Incell VR for iPhone

Google Street View

Best VR apps for iPhone

Do you like to travel around the world? Well, get this Google Street View app on your iPhone and you're good to go. This Street View app provides real-time experience taking you to various locations around the world. Whether you want to see the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China, Google Street View will offer you an incredible experience. Even this application can be used to create your own 360-degree photo spheres so that you can add them to the collection.

Download Google Street View for iPhone

Discovery VR

Best VR apps for iPhone

Discovery is one of the favorite channels because it allows us to know many things of which we are not aware. So what about this real experience? The Discovery VR app is perfect for a. This iPhone application is available in the app store through which you can enjoy almost everything from wildlife, short films, documentaries, etc. And another great thing about this app is that it is available for free.

Download Discovery VR for iPhone

Jaunt VR

Best VR apps for iPhone

Jaunt VR app is a must-have app that doesn't limit itself to one type rather than having loads of 360-degree videos in different niches. Whether it's music, short films, documentaries, movies, travel or sports, Jaunt VR is a great choice for everything. You can travel to different cities of the world through this application while movies, TV missions and videos can be greatly enjoyed to spend free time.

Download Jaunt VR for iPhone

Zombie Shooter VR

Best VR apps for iPhone

This is a fun-based VR game that is really exciting. Zombie shooter VR was a paid app in the past, but very recently this was made completely free to survive in competition. So pull your hands towards the app. This game is all about a trip in a subway while repelling the mass of zombies. Nothing special to do, just watch the zombies and your weapon will fire automatically.

Download Zombie Shooter VR for iPhone

End Space VR

Best VR apps for iPhone

Are you a fan of this science fiction game? Then this app will be the best for you. End Space VR will allow you to explore space in the best possible way, offering you an incredible experience. Explore space with a spacecraft while also letting go of the enemy space fighter. It contains excellent 3D immersive sound and great graphics that make the VR experience really fun.

Download End Space VR for iPhone


Best VR apps for iPhone

One more free and one of the best VR apps for iPhone that you can get for free in the App Store. It offers a great experience that really benefits and something more than that of high-end 360 videos. This application was previously known as Vrse but has been renamed Within. It has a lot of VR content from music, from videos to journalism reports. This is a great application. So take it on your phone and explore VR reality.

Download Within for iPhone

Roller Coaster VR

Best VR apps for iPhone

Have you ever experienced the pleasure of a roller coaster? If not, then this is the time to acquire this real experience. The Roller Coaster app is available for free in the App Store. The application will take you to exotic places in one where you can enjoy the incredible beauty of nature.

Download Roller Coaster VR for iPhone

Haunted rooms: vasion

Best VR apps for iPhone

One more free game to mention in the list. If you like watching horror movies or videos, then this app is for you. Haunted Rooms: vasion is all about a haunted house. It has many parts and you have to escape it by solving the mystery and interacting with the objects. It takes a little bit of brain power to solve the puzzles.

Download Haunted Rooms: Escape for iPhone

So these are the best VR 10 apps for iPhone. All are available for free, go get them in the App Store, that's it. The applications are different and will allow you to discover different types of things.

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