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Apple is preparing to collaborate with AMD?

enero 18, 2020

The information comes from these famous detectives who follow Apple on the trail and at the slightest gesture. They report seeing a steady stream of senior AMD representatives to and from the Apple Cupertino campus. After digging, these same investigators say that Apple is seriously considering replacing its chips on Intel's current offering. Apparently Apple seems to be gone combl by Intel in the sense that it would slow the rate of renewal of Apple hardware and whose incompatibility with Nvidia graphics chips would have forced the Cupertino company to use less efficient integrated graphics processors.

It is noted that AMD, Intel's direct competitor, is in close connection with the manufacturer of graphics chips ATi which could indicate that Apple could propose, in the future, a wider offer of these graphics cards of the same brand. in these next computers.

Now, this is unofficial information and speculation. Let us wait, with caution, to see how the Cupertino firm will progress?

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