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According to a hacker, Windows is more secure than Mac …

enero 18, 2020

The famous hacker Marc Maiffret, recruited as chief architect at FireEye, has just announced that, according to him, Windows is more secure than Mac. Speaking about Apple, Maiffret said: ?This is even a little scary because they [Apple, editor's note] are trying to tout their products, including the Mac OSX operating system, by claiming that they are supposedly more secure than Windows and which you don't have. worry about viruses ?.

According to the famous hacker, in many competitions "Hacking", it does not take long for a hacker to find and exploit a flaw in the security of Apple products and to increase: ?The Apple community is quite ignorant of the security risks that exist in their computers. Developments and virus attacks on Mac are just less important than on Windows, simply because this IT market represents only fear of things compared to Microsoft products ?.

We discuss it on the forum.

[iClarified via Lifehacker]