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WhatsApp: Facebook cancels the arrival of advertisements in your conversations

enero 17, 2020

WhatsApp will ultimately not display ads in your conversations, a Wall Street Journal survey found. Facebook, the parent company of the instant messaging application, has decided to abandon its project. The group of MarkZuckerberg will reserve the advertising announcements on WhatsApp to the Statutes.

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According to our colleagues at the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will ultimately not allow brands todisplay advertisements between your conversations on WhatsApp. The project development team has been disbanded in recent months. In the crowd, the company removed the ad code for advertising ads from the Android or iOS application. For the record, Facebook announced the launch of the project in May 2019.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the firm's decision is mainly motivated by the announced merger of messaging services from Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram into a single secure and private communication application. The integration of target ads, based on the content of conversations, is indeed incompatible with the new ambitions of Facebook.

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Advertisements will be reserved for WhatsApp Statutes

Please note that Facebook has not fully abandoned the idea of ??installing WhatsApp. The social network will rather focus on the integration of advertisements between the Statutes, an idea that dates back to the end of 2018. According to the Wall Street Journal, advertisements will even arrive in the Statutes in the medium term. A few months ago, Facebook had announced the arrival of advertisements in the year 2020. These advertisements will contain a clickable link which redirects Internet users to the merchant's site.

At the same time, the glove would also work on other features that allow brands to connect with Internet users, the Wall Street Journal said. In the same vein, Facebook already allows advertisers to chat live with consumers with paid messages. In the coming years, initiatives of this kind are expected to multiply.

Source: Wall Street Journal