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Van Quickenborne's tweets are disturbing …

enero 17, 2020

Vincent Van Quickenborne

As we have already relayed to you on Belgium-iPhone many times (here and l), Vincent Van Quickenborne, our Minister of Telecommunications and Enterprise, is certainly the most geek of the Belgian political world. He is a real fru of technology and besides, he uses his iPhone extensively especially for Tweeter. It is from there that the polemic was launched by our First Yves Leterme. The latter does not appreciate finding on Twitter, photos of restricted ministerial committees, meetings with the Flemish government or with the social partners, framing them with critical comments. ?Van Quick? however already said: I know what I can and cannot do, I make sure I don't exceed this limit . According to him, this kind of communication method brings people closer to politics.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Le Soir with Belga via De Morgen)