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enero 17, 2020

mesh_graphite_close_hires copy returns to us this week with a new product of which they have the exclusivity, it is about the case Weave Case which will have the advantage of attracting the most colorful iPhone users! Indeed, this case has the distinction of being designed in materials 100% biodegradable. These are, in fact, fibers stacked on top of each other in an elegant way (lattice-style, note) which allow the air to pass and therefore to cool your precious! Regarding the protection of your iPhone, the fibers assembled in the case act as a real shock-absorbing and bouncing ?box spring?: You will therefore be more likely to find your iPhone intact if you accidentally drop it. Finally, the case Weave Case offers an ideal grip thanks to its materials also serving as grip adhrent.

The tui Weave Case is available in several colors: Blue Denim, Stone White, and Terracota.

Available for 49.95 at our partner's

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