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IBookStore e-book editors will have the choice of protection

enero 17, 2020

As you know, the iPad is expected sometime in March.

In this regard, Steve Jobs presented a new online store dedicated to the purchase of electronic books. At first, only accessible in the United States (negotiations are still in progress for the rest of the world), the iBookStore will be, before allt, an application for iPad download from the App Store.

Apple seems to favor this solution to allow easier software updates by not integrating it with the firmware to avoid having to update this last day if they wish to update the iBookStore.

Regarding the books that will be available on this online library, it seems that they will be protected by DRM protection, preventing any unauthorized copying. It doesn't prevent, publishers will have the choice of offering their books in an ?open? format: ePub, which is without DRM protection.

As for whether the iBookStore will be available in Europe (and in Belgium) when the iPad (Wi-Fi version) is released in March, no information filters this subject. Apple certainly must be in negotiations with several publishing houses to offer content in French. If the iPad is released without the iBookStore in several countries, it may further decrease its interest?.

Information that seems to point in this direction is the lack of information concerning the iBookStore on all other Apple sites (including that of Belgium).

We discuss it on the forum.