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Best iOS apps for kids

enero 17, 2020

Nothing can exceed the pleasure of using an iPhone or iPad. The vivid hues and light feel of the silk touch screen can make even kids keen on iOS devices. IPhones and iPads can play an important role in entertainment and education. To simplify things for you, we have presented the list of the best iOS apps for kids. From a myriad of educational and entertaining apps, here is our list of the best iPad and iPhone apps for kids. Have a read.

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8 best iOS apps for kids

Sleep sounds

For those who have toddlers who refuse to sleep, this application may be best suited for children. Soft sounds and songs can set off toddlers and little babies to sleep with ease and in no time. If you are standing for a meeting and your baby is far from sleeping, then this application can be a lifesaver. This app is available for free and can be treated like a gentle lullaby for children to transport them to their sweet dreamland. The app was rated 4+ and can be considered one of the best apps for kids.

Vacation by Toca Life

This application is a form of digital game that will allow your children to pretend that they are on vacation. A package of entertainment and education, this also considered one of the best educational iPhone apps for children. The main screen of the application is like a navigation tool. Children can touch anywhere on the screen and reach where they want to play. It could be the beach, the hotel or even the airport. Everything about this game is interactive and the characters in the game can be accessorized as the children like. Young imaginative minds can be entertained for endless hours with this game. Available for 2.99, this app is worth the amount and there are no in-app purchases or ads.

Toca Dance

This app is one of the best educational iPhone apps for kids. Available for 2.99, this app can be enjoyed by adults. In this intriguing game, players can choose three dancers and accessorize them as they wish. Then players can teach the characters fun dance moves by swiping their finger across the screen. This dance app is designed to be used by children with colorful graphics and fun characters. You can also choose from a myriad of music and once you've finished character training, you can watch the final performance. With great interactivity, you can even throw flowers or tomatoes and encourage the dancers.

Blackboard Madness Math

Do you have a math genius at home? Considered one of the best educational iPhone apps for kids, Blackboard Madness can be the perfect choice for imparting knowledge about formulas and problems. The application consists of some quick and fast math challenges that have several questions related to calculations as simple as complex. The application can be used to test math skills and the level of logical thinking of children. Children can run Live Mathematics on speed. All the kids need to do is check off the right answers with great kung fu sound effects to communicate the fun element. You can teach your kids math skills at a slower pace with different levels. The app is available for free and has been rated 4+ by users around the world.

To bloom

If your child happens to be a music lover, then this app may be the best choice. Bloom is an interactive collaboration between the iPhone application between musician Brian Eno and software designer Peter Chilvers that can help your children explore their own audio compositions. Children can tap the screen to play a note, and after tapping continuously, a note loop or composition is formed. This app can be soothing and fun for children who can learn creative ways to generate their own musical compositions. The app is so interactive and simple that even a toddler can have fun with it. Available for 2.99, the app has value 4 +.

Dinosaur Park Math

Another great and one of the best educational iPhone app for kids, Dinosaur Park Math can be used by young children to learn math. Small children can learn addition and subtraction from the simple level to the complex level. Besides being educational, this app is fun too. It was developed on an interactive level in which children should provide the correct answers in order to pass the rocks that have hidden dinosaur fossils below them. Plus, kids can learn some interesting facts about dinosaurs. There is also a free version of the game available and it has an excellent rating.

Farm: Toca Life

Another form of the interactive game series by Toca Life, the farm can be very fun to play. Children are provided with different areas to explore in the game: farm, barn, field and more. Children can have a fun experience watching events like milking the cow, planting, watering, harvesting crops and even feeding the lambs. In addition to being very fun, the farm also aims to educate children about the life cycle of food. Even children have the responsibility of doing several tasks like harvesting crops and then using the machine to produce food. Interactive, fun and educational at the same time, this application is a must-have for your children.

Dino Tim

If you want to educate your young child on different shapes and sizes in a fun way, then this could be one of the best iPhone apps for kids. Young children can master shapes, colors and even words. The app comes with a fun story in which Tim's family is kidnapped by witches and to save the family, kids have to solve various interesting puzzles. This interactive game consists of solving funny puzzles and geometric problems with running, jumping and even a little magic. A complete package for your growing child – the app is a must-have for your child. The game is available for free.

With such a large selection of fun games and apps for kids and toddlers, you can rest assured that your child will never be bored. Therefore, you can choose from the best iOS apps for kids. Your children can grow up playing games and learning at the same time. Don't wait any longer and download these best apps for iOS on your iPhone or iPad.

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