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Best 3 translation apps to use when traveling abroad

enero 17, 2020

The translation app is essential when traveling to countries with a language other than your own. Translation applications can facilitate communication with local contacts. You will be able to ask questions and express yourself without any help. You don't have to hire an interpreter or worry about extra travel costs. Most translation apps are free and you can download them to your phone. How practical! Let's take a look at three translation apps that you can take with you on your travels.

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Top 3 best translation app for your travels

Google translate

Google Translate is a well known application which can translate on 100 languages. It is very flexible and user friendly. You have the possibility to take a picture of the foreign language and have it translated in real time. This is very useful for systematically written languages ??such as Chinese. You can also type your mother tongue and then convert it to another language of your choice. This app can also translate 52 languages ??offline. One of the advantages of this application is the translation can be done in any application you use. For example, if you are using WhatsApp, you can copy the foreign text and a translation will appear. You can go ahead and translate right away. It is very practical and takes less time.

Download Google Translate for iPhone

Download Google Translate for Android

I translate

iTranslate is a leading translation application worldwide. You can translate words, sentences and paragraphs into 90 into other languages. You can say a word in your mother tongue, then hear it in another language. There is also an additional dictionary that defines a word depending on the context. iTranslate has a high degree of precision when translating languages. You can also speak Romanized languages. For example, romanization allows you to transform into N ho. This translation app is free. However, to use the premium features, you will have to pay a small fee. You will never encounter language barriers when using iTranslate.

Download iTranslate for iPhone

Download iTranslate for Android

Speak and Translate

The speak and translate application allows you to converse in many languages, by text or by voice. When using voice, the languages ??54 are limited. You can translate from one text to another or from one speech to another. Text text has more language options. A user can translate a specific language to other languages ??100 using the text option. Speak and Translate contains the iCloud integration. This allows you to save the history of your translation and refer to it. You can translate long paragraphs, up to 1500 characters. You can download Speak and Translate for free and start using it. It is very interactive and user-friendly. A blind person can use it without any hindrance.

Download Speak and Translate for iPhone

Download Speak and Translate for Android

Packaging in place

You are not obliged to hire interpreters when you travel to a foreign country. A translation application will fulfill the role of interpreter at no cost. You can communicate with the locals and face very little communication barrier. Don't limit yourself when you travel. Travel to any country and take your translation app with you. After your travels, you can learn any language using the translation apps.