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Apple to organize information leaks to create buzz

January 2010 is full of rumors regarding the presentation of a possible tablet by Apple at the end of this month. For John Martellaro, a former Senior Marketing Manager at Apple, says a little more about the leaks organized by Cupertino.

These organized leaks allow Apple to pass on desired information to the press, which is always contacted by telephone. It?s a way to draw the attention of the digital world and the press to a product that does not yet officially exist and of which we still know nothing. And this is a way to ensure a large presence of the media during the presentation of this new product. It is also asked that this information not be published during the opening hours of the stock exchange, so that Apple is not accused of wanting to manipulate the market.

Walt Mossberg, the famous American journalist, a specialist in new technologies, would be left out of these leaks in the press in order to preserve his reputation.

These rumors make it possible to destabilize the other companies likely to want to precede Apple or to want to do better, history to better ridicule them once the new product released.

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