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Apple is working to develop better sound spatialization for its computers

enero 17, 2020

The firm founded by Steve Jobs has patented a virtual speaker system for laptops, a technology that could make sound more immersive on devices in the future.

A patent filed by Apple, taken up by Patently Apple, describes a system that would provide laptops with multi-channel sound without having to invest in new speakers. This sound management system would give the impression that the sound of a MacBook Pro comes from several different places in the room. This technology would allow a better spatialization of sound and would increase the feelings of presence of music listeners or followers of online sports meetings or even gamers and cinphiles.

This technology aims to alter the human perception of sound in the same way as a concept described by Apple in a patent filed by Apple last November. Instead of sound being altered by an enclosure, the patent develops the idea of ??an experience as the reality increases, but at the noise level.

The great advantage of this new technology lies in the fact that it would offer more immersive sound without having to invest in additional audio equipment. This patent, originally filed in 2018, was officially accepted on December 31, 2019.