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Unlocking your iPhone 3.1.2 with BlackSn0w: Available today!

enero 16, 2020

It?s within our article from this Monday that we were announcing the imminent release (initially planned for this November 04) of the ?all-in-one? solution allowing to carry out the jailbreak, the activation but also the unlocking of any iPhone updated via iTunes to firmware 3.1.2 Apple.

This ultimate solution, called BlackRa1n RC3 and including the dsimlockage with blacksn0w, is sign Georges Hotz (GeoHot), and will be available in this Tuesday from 6 p.m., (Belgian time)!

It therefore allows itself the luxury of advancing the provision of 24 hours compared to the initial schedule.

Indeed, the test period that he had allocated to himself, in order to resolve the last bugs, proved to be very productive and his "all-in-one" tool can be distributed to the general public one day sooner!

The details of all the functions of BlackRa1n RC3 with embedded BlackSnow :BlackRa1n RC3 is first and foremost an ultimate jailbreak for any iPhone officially updated to firmware 3.1.2, which you can download directly from the site set up

BlackRa1n RC3 finally supports the activation of your device; which means that you no longer find yourself on the ?emergency calls? screen at the end of the procedure.

BlackRa1n RC3 installs even faster than its predecessor (+ – 15 seconds).

BlackRa1n RC3, after jailbreak and activate your iPhone, allows you to continue by installing, directly from the iPhone, optional tools including the brand new blacksn0w(the famous unlocking of the modem program (Baseband) 05.11.07 long awaited for simlocks iPhones)!

blacksn0w, is obviously useless for iPhones originally deslocked (Belgian model among others) but will be of the greatest use for the very many owners of iPhones bought abroad and simlocks on a specific operator. A great world premiere since before the modem program (baseband) 05.11.07 contained in the Apple 3.1.2 firmware has no more secrets.

BlackRa1n RC3 also works as an update if you have installed one of the first versions in the past. In this case, simply relaunch the ?blackra1n? icon from your springboard, to activate the ?ra1n? option performing the upgrade.

blacksn0w, under firmware 3.1.2 makes new the tethering available, which allows you to (r) use your iPhone as a 3G modem, for example.

Finally, for those who already have an iPhone with a custom 3.1.2 firmware (BiP firmware for example) but who have remained with the telephone part inactive following an earlier update, blacksn0w will also be available under Cydia (the pulled application manager).

Other detailed instructions, with an adapted tutorial, will be posted as soon as possible.

Let's meet, then this Tuesday 03 November 6 p.m. for the launch of this great first!

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