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Qualcomm 4G chips in the iPhone?

enero 16, 2020

We told you about it in our November 18 article, Apple in full preparation of the iPhone V4. Today, new information from the supplier, Qualcomm, confirms our hypothesis of seeing a new iPhone born in 2010.

Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs would be in discussion with Apple to provide iPhone with 4G chip.

Negotiations have not yet resulted in any concrete track, but Qualcomm CEO Hopes for Future Collaboration.

Qualcomm is not a new born in the field, its technology (CDMA2000, 3G Ev-DO) is used by Verizon and Sprint in the United States.

For a few weeks, rumors have been circulating about the end of the exclusivity of AT&T and of a new partnership between Apple and Verizon.

However, Verizon would refine its 4G LTE network to make it fully operational for 2010, against 2011 for AT&T.

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