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Party @ Bierges Activation: The Summary!

enero 16, 2020

It was this Saturday that Belgium-iPhone organized its 8th Activation Party. Long-awaited event was held in company offices Paraf Informatique, whose head office is in Bierges (Wavre) near the E411 motorway.

This eighth Activation Party was a real success and over a hundred people attended the event of the day. It was about solving, of course, the problems software or hardware of the subject matter, but also of being able to simply change the latest news in relation to improvements in the present and in the future.

The entire Belgium-iPhone Team was on site to be able to welcome and provide the best advice to all the members who made the trip. The part hardware, master's hand orchestra by our Calvinwas not to be outdone and a good number of 1st generation iPhones were able to be resuscitated by him!

A big thank you to the team Belgium-iPhone for his extreme dedication on this memorable day! Without forgetting Mibel and Vro, our budding photographers, for the quality of the photos of the day?

Thank you at the end, of course our member Gele_Royale (Pierre) who lent us all the premises of his company, in order to be able to carry out this new Activation Party! Know that if you are an SME, a self-employed, and you are looking for The solution in order to make your business profitable, Paraf Informatique will certainly be able to provide you with the business tool you need. If this is your case, do not hesitate to contact them at 02 / 654.16.61 or via the site

See you now at the next Activation Party! ;)

We discuss it on the forum.

Find some photos below (Crdit photos: Mibel – Vro1150)

As well as the pictures of the day in full, this address:

Activ-Party Bierges on 11/21/09 – photos