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Opening with great fanfare for the first Apple Store in France …

enero 16, 2020

It was indeed this 07 November 10 a.m. that the Cupertino company opened its very first French Apple Store. The mythical place chosen was none other than the Carrousel du Louvre Paris. The first fans of the apple brand had been queuing up since the start of the night and the line counted no less than 6000 people when the doors opened! It is Pascal Cagni, vice president of Apple Europe, who personally welcomed the first arrivals to this exceptional event. The gift of the day for the first 5000 visitors was none other than an Apple-stamped pyramid, with a T-shirt collector inside. Some copies already dj at auctions on Ebay?

After the opening of this first Apple Store on French territory, it remains only to hope that we will have the opportunity to share the same motion, during the future opening of an Apple Store in Belgium, as we were also talking about in our insert of this 06 November.

In the following, a video, produced by our colleagues from Mac4Ever, as if you were there …

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[Source and images: Mac4Ever]