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[Mj]The "all-in-one" solution with BlackSn0w unlocking, served on a platter!

enero 16, 2020

The famous Georges Hotz does not stop to thunder us these last days and all that, for our greatest happiness! After his ultimate jailbreak tool [blackra1nOur article of October 11], Geohot had declared a few days later that it could not provide a solution for the unlocking of the modem program [Baseband 05.11], as present in firmware 3.1.2 signed Apple. It was without counting on his great determination because this October 26, he announced the start of work on his Twitter page.

A great world premiere since 5 days later, Geohot published us a video showing his achievement. The unlocking of the baseband 05.11. had just been born and our genius has not failed to integrate the fruit of its labor, dnomm blacksn0w, optional, within its initial jailbreak tool. BlackRa1n RC3, will therefore be made available as of this 04 November and will take care of carrying out all of the operations since leaving the box for any iPhone, whether it is in original firmware 3.1.2, simlock or not on an operator very precise at the base?

An important detail, Georges Hotz even integrated intoactivation this time, so as not to leave you on the ?emergency calls? screen at the end of the procedure.

Edition, November 3, 2009:

Geohot announcement on his Twitter than Blacksn0w will be available tomorrow in version Windows and Mac.

But that's not all, Geohot assures that this new method will be even faster, comparable an instant solution, unique in the world.

Last but not least, Blackra1n will be eligible for tethering, which will allow you to surf the internet with your iPhone connection.

Find more details in the article prepared by Dabedoo sure the forum?

[Geohot blog]