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Japan: iPhone sales explode …

iPhone japan

The iPhone is on the rise in Japan where it was intended for a discreet entry at first …

According to analysts at Impress R&D, the iPhone represents 46.1% of the smartphone market in this country!

Apple?s partner operator, Softbank Mobile, which is in particular the exclusive distributor of the precious in this country the art of putting forward the telephone of the Cupertino company. Indeed, the operator offers very attractive rates, many advertisements on TV as on billboards are devoted to it.

The operator's marketing strategy couples that of Cupertino that the sales of the iPhone exploded since the arrival of the iPhone 3G in summer 2008 (24.6% of the market) until the arrival of the iPhone 3GS (21.5%). These figures represent no less than 10% of all mobile users combined in Japan.

For the anecdote, the competing operator NTT DoCoMo, promotes the BlackBerry Bold on its side and only happens to attract the attention of 1.2% of the market …

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