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How to update Google Chrome

enero 16, 2020

Google Chrome is one of the main browsers used by millions of people around the world. With a very simple interface, the Chrome browser is suitable for everyone. For example, each tab in Google Chrome is a separate system process. When the browser freezes, you don't need to close the entire browser, only the tab that causes the problem. If you are having problems with the browser, you need to update Google Chrome as the new version could solve all the problems that have arisen. This guide will show you how to update Google Chrome.

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How to update Google Chrome

To update the Google Chrome browser, simply follow the instructions:

Google Chrome automatically updates when you close the browser and open it again. But if your computer has been shutdown for weeks or months, you can see from the color of the menu icon, how many days your Google Chrome has not been updated.

If the menu button is green, the update is available for two days.

If the menu button is orange, the update is available for four days.

If the menu button is red, the update is available for seven days.

Then you need to click on the menu (the icon in the form of three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner and select Help at the bottom of the menu, then click on About Google Chrome.

So, after selecting the "About Google Chrome" box, you will see the comparison of the current version of the browser and that available on the update server.

At the end of the process, if automatic updating is active, the browser will automatically check for updates and when the update is complete, you will see the current version and the Google Chrome information is up to date.

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