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How to fix Galaxy S8 won't turn on

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the latest devices from Samsung that have come with a huge price while the features and functionality of the business are super exciting. Electronic gadgets are likely to face problems and many problems can be solved by following a few simple tips.

Some readers have reported that their Galaxy S8 will not turn on. It should be mentioned here that in most cases this is just a small problem that can be solved easily. So do not rush to the store, examine all the possible solutions stated here, and then try to implement them one by one to restore the phone to normal operating conditions.

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Potential fixes for Galaxy S8 won't turn on problem

There are several useful methods to solve this problem and all of them are listed below.

Solution 1: Press the power button correctly

Although this may seem a little strange to you, but it should be the first step to take if your Samsung Galaxy S8 does not turn on. If you press the power button incorrectly, the machine may not turn on. So to make sure that you are not responsible for this problem, try pressing the power button several times and see if the device is on. If that doesn't help you solve the problem, skip the second method explained here.

Solution 2: software reset / forced restart

On smartphones equipped with a removable battery, performing a restart or forcing the restart is very simple and requires users to remove the battery, wait a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to turn it back on. However, this is not applicable on the Galaxy S8 as it comes with a non-removable battery. So, to perform a force restart or software reset in the device, you just need to press the volume down and power off button for about 7-10 seconds. In case there is a minor firmware issue in the device, it will be resolved by this process and the Galaxy S8 will boot normally. But if the device does not respond, go to the next method.

Solution 3: charge your Samsung Galaxy S8

Another reason why the Galaxy S8 won't turn on is that the device is running out of power and there is no power left in the device. So, first put the device on charge for at least five minutes and then see if this charge sign is noticed on the screen of your Galaxy S8. Do not forget to use the charger supplied with the device. Again, notice if the LED light at the top of the screen turns on or off. These two are the sign of the charge. If these two signs are noticed, the phone is charged. So, let it charge for a few minutes, then press the power button to see if that resolves that Galaxy S8 won't turn on. But if the phone still refuses to turn on, use the following method.

Solution 4: boot in safe mode

There could be a guilty app to cause this problem and this can be tested by turning the device into safe mode. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • completely turn off the Galaxy S8
  • Then press and hold the power button until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • Once Samsung appears, release the Power key and press the Volume Down button until the device has finished restarting.
  • Now that the restart is complete, Safe Mode will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.

Check if the device operates normally in this mode. If so, remember all of the third party apps that you have installed before facing this problem. Uninstall them one by one until the problem is resolved.

But if you are not able to start the phone in safe mode, then follow the following method.

Solution 5: initialize the device in recovery mode

  • Press the power button, the Bixby button and the volume up button for a few seconds until the phone vibrates
  • Once the phone vibrates, release the power button but continue pressing the other two buttons
  • After a few seconds, the Android recovery screen will appear
  • Release the keys
  • Now highlight the option cache partition using the Volume button and select it using the power button. Your phone will clear the cache and restart.

Note- You will find the Bixby button on the left edge of your Galaxy S8, near the Volume Up and Down buttons.

These are the methods that you can try to implement to solve the problem of Samsung Galaxy S8. And in case your device does not respond, opt for a replacement.

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